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Equipping and empowering to

educate . . . differently

We’ve all been injured by the schools, and you want to protect your child from the same insecurities you acquired. Educate… differently – we give you the practical tools to show you how.


It's Obvious That Our Schools Are Failing

But you’ve realized this isn’t actually a new thing. In fact, there were times during your school years when the school let you down – you just didn’t know that was possible, because you were schooled to think that the school is always right. If you couldn’t learn something, that was on you.

Good news! Whatever your perceived inabilities, many of them stem from the failures inherent in a one-size-fits-all system of schooling that doesn’t consider your unique abilities, giftings and challenges, a system that demands conformity and complacence, a system that operates in large part on intimidation. This system’s core competency lies in training you to believe you are incompetent. 

Better news! You can rescue your children from any school’s mistreatment by home educating them, instead, and Underground Education is where you can learn how.

Because they’re worth it!


Underground Education is here to empower you. The incredible opportunity to home educate your children will change all your lives for the better. Join our free online forum to learn more from others. Our mission is to set parents free from the shackles of modern schooling. That's why we call it Underground Education.



Happier parents, smarter kids, stronger families.

The Playbook includes 15 Playbook Page-By-Page videos (on demand) that correspond with the Playbook for Home Learning. 

Join Our Online Forum

The UE online forum is a place to bring your questions and concerns, find insights and tips, share struggles and triumphs, and form lasting friendships. We are not simply a discussion group for traditional home schooling because we understand there’s something wrong with the school model and education should be about more than academics alone. We are aiming higher than school. We are striving for more freedom for our children because they’re worth it!  

Living Books

Imagine a book for your child or teen on any "academic" topic.  Magnets, probability, George Washington Carver, eagles, architecture, Charlemagne, the Constitution, Pocahontas, Bach, or chemical reactions. Now, imagine this book is so jam-packed with vitality that it captures his/her attention (which isn't easy today). Next, imagine that the book, stunningly, secures his/her interest (which is even harder). Lastly, imagine this book "arousing something noble in the heart of your child/teen, and (are you sitting down?!) without any effort on the part of the teacher or the taught." You've just enjoyed a famous description of living books.


Today’s schooling focuses on academic input (clinical data) at the cost of character. The new textbooks are full of factoids. John Taylor Gatto calls them “pre-thought thoughts,” which, let’s face it, are boring, because they are devoid of content, context, or charm. They intend to train a child not to think, by telling the child what to think, and how.

Living books stimulate a child to think for him or herself. They are the rescued treasures from before our cultural shift away from the traditional definition of education, which involved character formation and life skills, not simply the 3 Rs. Living books sweep their readers into well-written narratives about authentic topics with genuine language and art.  Their power to inspire, cultivate, and feed the imaginations and intellects of children – their hearts and heads – even in reluctant readers, is legendary. They utilize vibrant language in moving narrative (as Jesus did) and convey transcendent ideals in all spheres of study. They are entirely different than the pablum of unpalatable drudge the culture is offering today.


For most of history, the highest means of education was to read the best writings on every topic. Why not now?

Locate a living library near you.


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Underground Education operates as a 501c3 with the purpose of emancipating today’s parents from the modern school system, freeing children to achieve their highest goals. 


The Underground Education Foundation is a component fund of Legacy Global Programs, a public 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Any donation made to The Underground Education Foundation may be tax-deductible per IRS rules. If goods or services have been provided, the deductibility is the difference of the good faith estimated fair market value and the donation made per IRS quid pro quo rules.

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